Published in collaboration with the top French beauty magazine “Votre Beauté”, Jamalouki is a leading Magazine for Arab Women. Readers choose Jamalouki for its highly innovative editorial treatment featuring cosmetics, fragrances, fashion, watches, Jewelry, luxury goods, cultural and social events. They turn to Jamalouki every month knowing that they will discover the latest trends from the world's most exclusive brands.Advertisers select Jamalouki for its high production values and to obtain the best possible editorial environment for their products.

Jamalouki is regularly advertised on LBC SAT, providing a strong boost to its bookshop sales.

Additionally Jamalouki benefits from an exclusive mailing list leading to a free distribution of 3000 copies in Saudi Arabia and a free distribution of 4000 copies in all Paris Gallery shops throughout Dubai.


Exclusive section prepared in collaboration with “Votre Beauté” featuring the latest fashion shows, trends and accessories.


Beauty care tips, step-by-step make-up applications along with the latest color combinations, products and fragrances are featured in this main section of the magazine.

Watches & Jewelry

Highlights of the latest models in the world of watches & jewelry are featured in addition to special coverage of major specialized exhibitions.


Reports, tips and exercises sure to keep readers in good shape.

Detailed recipes and exclusive photos for visualizing food presentation techniques.