Program Synopsis
Coverage / Reception
Launched in June 2005, Sama Dubai broadcasts 24 hours free to air through Satellite and Terrestrial transmission.The channel caters for the contemporary UAE market, understanding their social and cultural values, and offers an Exclusive line-up of programs such as the Stock Market, News, Arabic Series, Entertainment, Reality, Music, Youth, Internet & Technology, Cinema and a variety of educational and social programs.

In 2006, Sama Dubai's performance was remarkable. With the Success of programs such as Al Maidan 2, Freej, Haqqak Aleyna 2, UAE News, Tadawol, Dubai Al Multaqa, Sama Cinema, Bayn Ra'yain, Arabic Series, to name a few, the channel has witnessed a huge leap in ratings, transforming the channel's positioning to become the Top rating station in the UAE amongst UAE nationals In 2007, we are expecting to maintain our program leadership in addition to introducing a new vibrant program selection alongside what we already have. A complete set of Programs Synopsis with Advertising Opportunities is hereafter elaborated to share with your clients