Program Synopsis
Coverage / Reception
In the spirit of Dubai City's tradition of innovation and pursuit of excellence, Dubai TV has established itself as a leader in free-to-air satellite coverage for the GCC region.

Offering a vast array of Arabic, family oriented entertainment, Dubai TV prides itself in reflecting the traditions and moods of the Gulf region. From American and Arab movies to the latest events on the socio-political scene, Dubai TV offers a multitude of programs in Prime Time focused primarily on the demands of the general Gulf audience.

Introducing the Prime Time segment every day of the week is an exclusive, first-run, broadcast of an Arabic series. Reruns of the series and other Arabic series are offered up to four times daily.

The state-of-the-art newscast room allows for Emirates focused news, in-depth regional and international news coverage five times a day. Dubai TV also offers women a fresh perspective on health and other issues during weekdays with lifestyle programs.

During Ramadan, Dubai TV is the only television to broadcast 7 exclusive, first-run, high quality Gulf, Egyptian and Syrian series, making the station the second most preferred channel for Arab audience in the Gulf area.

A yearly multi-million dollar commitment to advertising is pledged to insure the promotion of programs and support of the Dubai TV brand.

With a variety of high quality programs to choose from, advertisers will find a balanced approach to reaching their target market.